2018 - Present - CGI Artist, Groove Jones, Dallas, TX

2013 - Present - Freelance 3D Artist

Provide 3D models and asset renderings based on photographs, sketches, physical samples and/or descriptions provided by a variety of clients. Models are then used for product design & prototyping, advertising, animation, virtual environments and 3D printing. Specialties include polygonal modeling in a range of styles from hard surface to organic. Accurate 3D printable or CNC machinable models and experienced printing consultation provided to clients with needs for precise output. 

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and unique props for films, including Sunny in the Dark, The Price and The Morganville Vampires Web series.

2014 - 2015 - 3D Designer and Fabricator, Swaybox Studios, Shreveport, LA

Design, model and coordinate 3D printing of various mechanisms for sophisticated puppets for use in film. 3D scanning & photogrammetry, rapid prototyping, molding, casting, construction and painting of characters as well as help with prop production and miniature set building.

2004 - 2012 - Artist's Assistant to Erick Swenson, Dallas, TX

Jack-of-all-trades assistant to internationally acclaimed sculptor. Duties include extensive conceptualizing and pre-visualization, mold-making and casting, carpentry and construction, various sculpting and painting and fabrication techniques, shop management, accounting, photo-documentation and record keeping, time management with an appreciation for strict deadlines, gallery and museum liaison, national and international travel to install complicated artworks, and general problem-solving and cheerleading. 

1996 - 2004 - Lead Artist, Art & Commerce Co, Dallas, TX

Production artist for small furniture and home accessories company selling wholesale products to upscale boutiques and interior designers. Duties include preparing, painting and finishing design work for merchandise in a timely manner, design consultation, supplies management, coordination and training of new employees, and occasional travel to represent company at industry trade shows. 


Substance Painter
After Effects
Familiar with various other 3D software and image editing packages.


Candidate for MFA in Arts and Technology, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

BFA in Painting and Drawing, University of North Texas, Denton, TX


The Otis and Velma Davis Dozier Travel Grant, The Dallas Museum of Art


Words Fail Me. Road Agent, Dallas, TX


Bring Your Own Beamer. Cedars, Dallas, TX

Wonder Egg Hunt. Dallas Heritage Village w/The Cedars Union, Dallas, TX

American Array. Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI

Alumni Showcase. UNT ArtSpace Dallas, Dallas, TX

Rapid Artists 2013. One Arts Plaza, Dallas, TX

Amarillo Entropy. The Power Station, Dallas, TX

Rapid Artists 2013. Conference for Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Pittsburgh, PA

Launch Party. Homecoming!, Fort Worth, TX

Eos Rising. Cris Worley Fine Arts, Dallas, TX

Art + Object. Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX

Deus Ex Machina. Cris Worley Fine Arts, Dallas, TX

Epic Epoch. Cris Worley Fine Arts, Dallas, TX

New American Paintings No. 78. Juried Exhibitions-in-Print Juried by Andrea Karnes

Party at the Moontower. Road Agent, Dallas, TX

Cherry Picked: 2007 Survey of Texas Art and Artists. Wichita Falls Museum of Art, Wichita Falls, TX Curated by Rachel Cook & Leona Scull-Hons (catalogue)

Various Small Fires. Road Agent, Dallas, TX

Angstrom Horseplay Glow Rug. Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

Home Sweet Home. Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX

Blue Skies. Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX

Cliff’s. G/BAC collaboration, Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

Juan Leche. Good/Bad Art Collective, Brooklyn, NY

Crystals at Dawn. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX Curated by M

Blazor Rade. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

The Trouble With Feelings. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

4th Anniversary Show. Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

Art Links. Good/Bad Art Collective collaboration, Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler, TX

Paint the Town Red. Arlington Museum of Art. Arlington, TX

Open Container. Good/Bad Art Collective collaboration, Roving Exhibition, Dallas, TX

Suburban Turbans. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

Golden Fred Savage. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

Fire Sale. Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

Neo-Rococo. University of Texas at San Antonio Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX Curated by Frances Colpitt

A Hot Show: abstract paintings. Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX

Lil’ Nubbins. Two-person show with M. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

True Stories. Good/Bad Art Collective collaboration, Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX (catalogue)

120X (Marks the Spot). Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

Material Matters. Visual Arts Building, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX Curated by John Pomara and Greg Metz (catalogue)

Video Night 5. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

Headquatress. GTE, DFW Airport, TX

Good/Bad Burns! Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

Welcome to Important Town. Good/Bad Art Collective collaboration, Conduit Gallery Annex, Dallas, TX

Strange Loops. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX Curated by Sean Slattery

Very Fake But Real. Good/Bad Art Collective collaboration, DiverseWorks Artspace, Houston, TX (catalogue)

Bola Bulu: Gay Art/Straight Play. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

S. Mutt, 1997. Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

Red Rover Issues. Good/Bad Art Colllective collaboration, Revolution Summer Artspace, Houston, TX (catalogue)

Voertman’s Annual Juried Exhibition. University Art Gallery, University of North Texas, Denton, TX Juried by Sue Graze

One Person Show Featuring.... Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

el clumsio. Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

Soul. Cora Stafford Gallery, University of North Texas, Denton, TX Juried by Fred Tomaselli, Stan Bayden, Diana Block

Isolation Chamber. G/BAC collaboration, Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

Shin Damage, Residue & Bad Heirs. Cora Stafford Gallery, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Whoa! Dammit! Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

Union With the Disagreeable. Two-person show with Susan Laswell. Good/Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX

X Select II. 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX Juried by Victoria Corcoran

Voertman’s Annual Juried Exhibition. University Art Gallery, University of North Texas, Denton, TX Juried by Lane Relyea


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