After creating the 3D printable model for  this sculpture  using Maya and ZBrush, and all of the subsequent resurfacing and painting of the physical print, I decided to go back and digitally paint the (virtual) model to match what I had done to the physical print. These are work in progress shots of that process. I still have some work to do on some final renders of the results.
 Low-poly model in Maya.
 An earlier version in ZBrush before adding the extra elements on the tail.
 Final high-ploy sculpt in ZBrush. This is the model as it was sent off for 3D printing and on which the digital painting will be applied.
 Polygroups in ZBrush that will be used for the maps.
 Belly of the Beast. It cannot be seen on the physical sculpture but I did paint it to resemble the features of the belly and palms of a real Hellbender, as I also did here.
Texture map
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