Also known as the "Sword of Power" and the "Sword of Grayskull," the original sword was split into two halves - He-Man had one half and his nemesis, Skeletor, had the other. The toy versions of the characters came with their respective halves that could combine to form the "Power Sword." Some of the storylines of the mini-comics that accompanied the figures involved Skeletor trying to obtain He-Man's half in order to form the "Power Sword" and thereby gain control of Castle Grayskull. While both characters appeared with their respective halves of the sword in the original cartoon series, no mention was made of combining the halves to form this greater sword.  As a child I was admittedly fascinated by this world that made the rare attempt to combine traditional fantasy tropes with science fiction. The inconsistencies between the three seemingly separate worlds of the toy line, the mini-comics and the cartoon show frequently troubled my young sleep.  This model of the combined sword is based on the half-swords that came with the toys, and was my first effort at having something 3D printed.  Left to right: original object, White Polished (SLS - Nylon), Frosted Detail (MJM - Resin), Sterling Silver (Hi-res 3D wax print to lost-wax metal cast).
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