This image is a tribute to the cover art for early adventure story periodicals, specifically   Amazing Stories   &   Wonder Stories  , which often featured fantastic tales by H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Jules Verne. When we were kids, Dallas was in the midst of reinventing itself (after the Kennedy assassination) with futuristic architectural projects like Reunion Tower, Fountain Place, the new City Hall and its complimentary downtown public library across the street, among others. The downtown cityscape was so futuristic looking that it was even used as a setting for a number of science fiction films, such as   RoboCop   and   The Lathe of Heaven  . This image, with its iconic library lamps acting as a flying saucer invasion illuminating (and studying?) the city, is meant to pay homage to that aspect of Dallas' history of futuristic visions.
Original Sketch for Library Banner project by M
Library Lamps modeled in Maya
Dallas cityscape modeled in Maya
Prickly Pears modeled in Maya
  Maya renderings of different elements composited together in Illustrator.
  Composited elements are outlined and filters and gradients are added to give a more classic illustration look, inspired heavily by Frank R. Paul.
  Lettering is added to emulate the look of early   Amazing Stories Quarterly   covers.
Final image for FoDPL Dallas Public Library banner after requested changes.
  Banner was installed on an outside wall of the J. Erik Jonsson Dallas Public Library on April 25th, 2013.   Photo: Kate Park    Here are some photos taken during installation.
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